Knowledge is power

Stories, Advice, Recommendations and Suggestions from a General Contractor

When it comes to the age-old conflict between consumer and contractor – knowledge is not only power, but saves money.

It’s been called many things and goes by many names.

Its reputation of inflicting tremendous anxiety and conflict is well earned and documented. And yet, we know there will always be new stories of those who willingly faced their fear in pursuit of making a dream come true or just getting things back to the way they were.

The names we call it include the four “Rs”: Remodel, Renovation, Rehabilitation, and/or Restoration; along with the popular home improvement, room addition, tenant improvement and just plain old maintenance. But by whatever name you call it, if you own or manage residential or commercial property the odds are pretty good that you’re going to be dealing with a contractor at some point. Standing between you and your objective is one of the most nerve-racking experiences known to a property owner – the selection, retention and control of a contractor.

But conflicts and stress are NOT the inevitable result of working with legitimate contractors. By exercising caution, doing your due diligence and finding a contractor that communicates and ‘gets it’, you’ll minimize the aggravation on the way to that dream remodel. It is our hope that this group of articles full of recommendations, stories and insights will help you get there with a minimal amount of side trips for stress reduction therapies.

The articles are designed to provide information on avoiding the pitfalls and possible solutions and resources should a problem arise. As there’s really nothing new when it comes to consumer protection and awareness, the key advantage offered in these articles is the insights and perspective of someone who has been licensed as a General Contractor in California for over 30 years.

My goal is simple – I want to ‘win’ by providing both consumers and contractors an informational resource to help tone down the friction.

  • If I successfully prevent one consumer from being ripped off; I win.
  • If information in these articles helps a consumer select a legitimate, well qualified contractor instead of an unlicensed and unscrupulous operator; I win.
  • If either party avoids a conflict because they recognize other options or the potential downstream effects of their action; I win.
  • If someone overcomes the fear factor and gets the dream project they really want; I win.

You can help me ‘win’. Should something in the articles help you in some way, please let me know I’m on the right track. Also, if you have a story that should be shared – especially one in which you found a rather unique way to work things out rather than get into a nasty fight – please send it to me and it might make one of our ‘Tips & Tales’. You might win too by helping someone else.

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