Finding A Contractor

Finding a Contractor

This series is for the vast majority of the public that doesn’t have a strong, pre-existing relationship with a contractor. They need to find one and this series is designed to go over some of the procedures that will help in the research and due diligence process.

Topics we’ll be reviewing include:

  • Dealing with contractors who are friends or family members
  • Other sources for referrals including the Internet
  • Qualifying the contractor
  • First steps in the bid process
  • Communication and interviewing the contractor
  • The bid process
  • Investigate and verify

No single step or process will guarantee you a problem-free construction project from start to finish. There are individuals out there who believe the only way to ‘win’ is for the consumer to lose (just as there are consumers who express a similar competitiveness). If you correctly apply the processes reviewed in our earlier Series on licensing, you’ll eliminate many of those types of individuals from consideration. Properly licensed contractors recognize and are protective of their license status and prefer to avoid repeated confrontation that draws the attention of the Licensing Board.

Tools and Information

Remember the goal here is not to scare anyone away from hiring a contractor – it’s to provide each consumer the tools and information they need to make good choices and avoid much of the stress that can come about when – by accident or by intention – the consumer and contractor are not on the same page.

The objective here is to proactively preempt having to face the most common issues that result in the classic stress of consumer versus contractor. Ask any professional in the consumer protection arena and they will throw their support for any program that focuses on consumers doing proper due diligence beforehand.

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