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Consumers with experience hiring contractors know that a very low price quote (when compared to other contractor quotes for the same work) usually means that the contractor is planning on getting the contract because of the low price and then counting on a number of very expensive change orders to make up for the lack of profit. At HB Contracting, we are so confident of our price competitiveness, every one of our contracts clearly state in writing the margin above cost we charge for change orders. You’ll never feel trapped and forced to use the same contractor at whatever price they want to charge simply because they’re already there.

Commercial Construction Services

HB Contracting’s open communication, extensive general contracting expertise and high-quality standards translate into smooth and successful projects for you. Our commercial construction services include:

Commercial Construction Services
  • Renovations

    Upgrades, remodels and tenant improvements

  • Rehabilitation

    Bring your facility into compliance with regulations and standards or make it more ‘green’ and energy

  • Restoration

    Water damage, fire damage and other insurance-related repairs

  • Maintenance

    Building maintenance and repairs as necessary

  • One Point of Contact

    for property owners and facility managers, HB Contracting provides you with one point of contact to handle any and all of the services you need. With over 30 years of commercial experience (including as an owner and investor), we know which tradesmen and subcontractors to recommend for everything including plumbers, HVAC, electricians, network experts, roofers and even janitors you can count on.


  • Remodels

    Design options for real-world function in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, attic or anywhere else in the house that needs a makeover.

  • Additions

    We specialize in finding ways to add space without detracting from the rest of the house. Extend the living space into the surrounding exterior or convert underused space and eliminate that cramped feeling.

  • Restoration

    For slab leaks, water or fire damage, we’ll restore your home back to better than its pre-damage condition. And remember – designated insurance company contractors work for the insurance company. We work for you while we eliminate the stress and then get paid by the insurance company when the work is done.

  • Property Investors

    Buying an investment property that needs a lot of TLC? HB Contracting will work with you to maximize your investment value without the expenditure of lots of upfront cash

  • One Point of Contact

    Our reputation may be dependent upon the work of our tradesmen and subcontractors. After 30 years, we know who to refer and who to stay away from. Call HB Contracting for a referral to plumbers, air conditioning contractors, exterior hardscape experts, electricians, roofers and other professionals.

Residential Construction Services

It’s time to make your home makeover vision come true. As your general contracting expert, HB Contracting works with you to stay within your budget and get the job done on time. Our residential construction services commitment includes completing your kitchen or bathroom remodel, room addition or upgrade on time and the way you’re always wanted it. We’ll find and propose solutions to meet your budget.

Residential Construction Services