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Finding a Contractor

This series is for the vast majority of the public that doesn’t have a strong, pre-existing relationship with a contractor. They need to find one and this series is designed to go over some of the procedures that will help in the research and due diligence process. Topics we’ll be reviewing include: Dealing with contractors […]

Was That Big ‘Win’ On Price Really Worth It?

We’ve all heard that line – “they got what they paid for”. Of course, how it’s interpreted and what it means can change dramatically from the perspective of the consumers versus that of the contractor. Case in point: I recently completed a couple of small projects for a homeowner in Laguna Beach California (I took […]

How to Increase a Home’s Value

Want to know about strategies that will increase a home’s value over it’s neighbors at a relatively small increase in cost? Consider things that are a bit just outside of the norm. Move-in quality What home buyers, sellers and investors (who are a bit of both) have in common is evaluating what Realtors refer to […]


The following is a true story (ok, I added a few dramatic flourishes for emphasis) This time, she was prepared. “Not going to have one of those, ‘I should of said …’ moments”; she thought as she peered through the peep hole at the stranger knocking on her door. Two of them this time – […]

General Contractors, Subs and Certs

No, Ghost Busters are not currently a classification that requires a contractor’s license. There are a few older classifications like C14 and C26 that have dematerialized and you might still run across sometime. At some point, the Board decided to repeal those classifications and fold them into other specialties. What has remained the same are […]

Licensing Classifications

In our previous licensed versus unlicensed comparison discussion, we briefly touched on California state law that states in part, “anyone who contracts to perform work on a project that is valued at $500 or more for labor and materials must hold a current, valid license from the CSLB”.But does holding a ‘current, valid license’ mean […]

Contractor License Violation

Licensing – Forensic dirt analysis All is not as it seems, Mr. Watson. To truly understand the history of these villainous acts, we must scrutinize the evidence and reconstruct the crimes. We’ll focus only on factual violations that have earned their place of dishonor on the Board’s violation page. But our examination will show that […]

Licensing – Digging up the Dirt

LICENSING DUE DILIGENCE – Complaint Violation While reviewing the information on a contractor posted on the Contractors State License Board website, you reached that rather innocuous line titled “Additional Status”. But rather than being blank like so many others, this one is filled in with the following line: “Click here for Complaint Disclosure Information”. Clicking […]

Deciphering A Contractor License

Now that we’ve confirmed the easy and obvious stuff, let’s take a little bit deeper look. There could be some things here that could be of major importance later on. The next item we’ll take the microscope to is: Additional Status In most cases, this is blank. But if there’s been any code violation involving […]