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Investigate and Verify

You’ve made your selection. There’s no doubt which contractor you want to turn those dreams into reality; well, at least you’re pretty sure. Before you sign anything, let’s make sure that everything that was said or presented is real and can be backed up. If you haven’t done it already, confirm their license status by […]

The Contractor Bid Process

One of the first tests of whether or not a contractor is working in your best interests comes when you are ready to review plans and get bids. Thorough plans minimize the possible backlash from assumptions and expectations. They ensure that everyone should be bidding apples-to-apples. You may want to ask that each bid be […]

You Be The Judge

So let’s assume for a moment, that your new project is not a repair or replacement (like a new roof) or an upgrade like new windows, but is instead a remodel or addition or significant improvement. In order to avoid conflict and reduce stress, it is imperative that whichever contractor you select be on the […]

Treat it Like a Job Interview

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Without a doubt, price is right at the top of the decision-making pyramid. But what good is a great price if you either end up with a finished project that leaves you less than fully satisfied; or with unfulfilled expectations or in the process of […]

Designs, Details, & Decisions

Agreeing on a design for your project is a big step towards controlling not only your costs, but the end results of your project. Here are several options to consider: Hire an Independent Architect: If you know exactly what you want, you may want to hire an independent architect to draw up the plans and […]

Apples and Oranges

Are you ready to collect bids on your project? You’ve narrowed down the list of potential contractors by following all the steps we reviewed in our licensing series. Other qualifying steps, like checking out their insurance and references, will occur once you’ve whittled the list down to the final selection process. So is it time […]

The Qualifying Process

Let’s review your search for a contractor checklist: You figured out what kind of a contractor you need (general or specific trade) You’ve checked with family and friends for referrals You liked the look of an advertisement or website; The guy who knocked on your door or the telemarketer seemed knowledgeable and friendly Or through […]

Surfing the Internet for a Building Contractor

If you’re someone who wants to search for a contractor on your own rather than responding to an ad, then you’ll probably go to that tried and true method – the Yellow Pages. Scratch that – last century – that tried and true method, the Internet. IT Specialists Keep their Company Names Very Visible. Many […]

General Contractor Advertising

If the subject of remodeling the kitchen or adding a bathroom is not a significant part of your regular conversations at home, you probably won’t even notice the amount of times you’ve been solicited by home improvement companies. Unless of course, that solicitation interrupts dinner or your favorite television show. If you’re really bored sometime, […]

Contractor Referrals

OK, so you don’t have a qualified contractor in the family and no one you know and trust has someone they would swear by. Where can you go to find a good and trustworthy contractor? (Besides me of course) If you’ve had either no experience or poor experience with contractors, many consumer protection experts will […]