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Your General Contractor Can Make or Break Your Project

Take Advantage of the HB Contracting Difference.

Homeowners and business decision makers agree – hiring and working with a contractor ranks near the top of the ‘Highly Stressful Activities’ list. After all, you’re trusting a stranger to build you the kitchen or bathroom remodel, room addition or other home makeover you’ve dreamed of; or constructing an improvement or renovation of your work place. When it comes to building projects that upgrade the place where you live or work, even the most innocent, best-intentioned misunderstanding can have a huge impact.

That stress and tension can be reduced by getting to know your contractor – the ‘buck stops here’ guy. If he or she is too busy to meet with you and make sure you’re on the same page before the work begins, how available do you think that person will be when a problem or issue comes up after you’re committed in writing and with your dollars?

My name is Mark Frauman and my company is HB Contracting, Inc

I’ve been a licensed general contractor since 1981 and have never had a complaint or other negative action registered against my license with the Contractors State License Board. My policy is to be proactive and establish clear goals, methods and lines of communication before a contract is signed. Mistakes and problems will arise but the success I’ve had in the past is because I believe in finding solutions rather than funding lawyers.

Eliminating comments like “I wish I knew that before I got into this” or reducing one of the biggest complaints in the State (expensive price-gouging change orders) has been a personal goal of mine and has led me to the creation of a new absolutely free consumer protection website. At freecontractoradvice.com (coming soon), I share the experiences, recommendations, suggestions and war stories of contractors like myself along with homeowners and business decision-makers in an effort to provide anyone considering hiring a contractor the tools they need to make their project a success.


My construction related experience starts back in 1979 when I founded what soon became the largest solar micro-utility company in the state where we specialized in large commercial applications like funding funding and constructing a solar energy system for the dormitories at UCLA that was used as the Olympic Village during the 1984 LA Olympics. Other general contracting endeavors included the renovation and home makeover of over 1200 residential apartment units, numerous commercial tenant improvements, construction of cell phone sites and land development and new home construction in Arizona. HB Construction, which focuses on home remodeling and commercial improvements and maintenance, is named for my granddaughter, Haley Beth (aka ‘Bean’).

Each of my ‘success stories’ starts with really listening to my clients in order to develop a plan that meets their objectives. If you’re considering a project that needs a general contractor, I’d appreciate the opportunity to meet you and perhaps, make your contracting experience a less stressful one with a mutually rewarding outcome.